Although K.C. Installations has experience in many areas of carpentry, our primary services are listed below. With so many brands and various quantities to chose from, it can be confusing. Let us help with expert advice on this important decision, and get the best one can for your application.


An upgraded kitchen significantly adds value to your home, but only if the installation goes well. All cabinets, countertops, and appliances must be installed with precision. K.C. Installations has over 25 years experience, and plenty of customers who can testify their high quality.


A bathroom upgrade must be done correctly, or you can (and will) have problems in the future. The list of possible problems is too long to discuss here, but the issues can be avoided by hiring the right carpenter. Let us help make some decisions easier. Whether you are redoing a bathroom on a budget or doing a full remodel down to the studs, most people have an idea what they want. Let us help with any questions you have from flooring to fixtures, tubs to tile.

New Bathroom


There’s more to doors than the fact that they seem to work. The right door must be selected, it must be air and water tight, and it must be installed for long term durability. Regardless what type of door (entry, interior, wood, fiberglass, steel, solid, or hollow) K.C. is a hardware installation expert and can help you on this important decision.

New Door

The same considerations must be given to Windows as doors, and then some. Many complications arise from where each window is installed and the window trim. Once again, the installation is key. Vinal clad, pre-finished, clear pine, full replacement, or insert replacement windows can now be ordered to size which can reduce the cost of application.

Custom Kitchen

Unfortunately, Sliding Doors have a high failure rate, and much of the problem is due to faulty installations. They also come in a wide variety of quality levels. If you want long term satisfaction, go with the best slider and the best installer. K.C. has installed every major brand and can discuss the differences between them. Purchasing the right slider for the application is important.